A Unique Asset Class Investment

A unique real asset class investment designed to maximize portfolio returns.

Tangible Real Assets

Diamonds have an intrinsic, real value, similar to Gold, Silver and Luxury Items.

True Diversification

Diamond, have been shown to have a low correlation to other asset classes over long periods


Discover whats going on in the world of Diamonds and the Valhalla Diamond Fund


Trustees and Directors

Valhalla Diamond Trust (the

Jason BrownTrustee of the Trust, President & Director of the General Partner
With over 10 years in the Canadian Private Capital Markets in syndication and administration experience.
Nadine R. WellwoodTrustee of the Trust, Director of the Board, Chief Investment Officer
Over 15 years of senior investment advisory, business development and client relationship management.
Byron StriloffIndependent Trustee of the Trust
Over 35 years as a senior investment advisor in the area of personal and corporate investment management, tax planning, venture capital, insurance and estate planning.
Mark RobinsonDirector of the Board
Over 20 years of experience in diamond assessment and acquisitions
Brian KerrisonDirector of Diamond Acquisitions
Over 20 years of experience in assessing, acquiring and disposing of investment grade diamond.

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